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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

" My Beach is Safe"

This is the beach where I walk and meditate. Taken October 23 at 5:50 pm Eastern. Its where I escape the craziness of the world. A place of solitude and peace. I was worried sick that it was going to be changed forever by this storm but somehow it escaped with only minimal damage..The cottages were barely touched. There were a few shingles missing and very slight damage. You cannot imagine how happy this makes me. I am so pleased.


C.Marie said...

rstaperYou have no idea how happy I am that it is safe.

L.J. Ferrari said...

I know its not a guy thing but I will say it...After I heard of all the destruction all along the coast line I was thinking the worst..I got the courage to go there this afternoon and when I seen it I had tears in my eyes I was so happy..

Teresa Lynn Johnson said...

Hey L.J....It is a most human thing...I am ever so happy for you! (And the cottage owners as well!) Thanks for the photograph :) Now we know where you may get some of your writing ideas from hmmmmm? :) Have a Great Night! :)