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Friday, October 5, 2012

"Windsor Locks Connecticut Officials Hoping Foreclosure Auction Happens"

Windsor Locks Officials Hoping Foreclosure Auction Happens This Time On Saturday - Windsor Locks-East Windsor, CT Patch

A tax foreclosure auction on the Montgomery Complex, 25 Canal Bank Road, is scheduled for noon Saturday, in order to secure the back taxes on the property by the Connecticut River and Windsor Locks Canal.

The current tax liability owed by Canal Bank Realty is $403,342.20, with interest accruing monthly, officials said. The town also has liens against the property for the expenses related to a fire that destroyed a part of the mill complex on July 16, 2006.

 Comment.....Why has it taken so long to go no where? Suffield and Enfield Connecticut have resolved the old factory issues years ago. At this point its too late to build condos, the building has deteriorated too much and who would actually buy a condo where the blaring horns of the Train Diesel engines echo between the walls of Senior housing, CVS and that place. Now they have another extension to pay Taxes? Not only does that old factory smell, this does too. So the old flood prone, fire trap factory and railroad station still sit there rotting as I write this. No progress just extensions and excuses. Its classic lets bleed the taxpayers by not making any decisions. I mean how long is it going to take to find someone to say tear them down and plant grass. What is going on here is absolutely ridiculous....Can you imagine if you or I owed $400,000 dollars. Say $400,000 out loud....Four Hundred Thousand Dollars....

Note......Windsor Locks is my old home town. My Mom worked in that factory and years ago I did electrical work in the building.. 

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