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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Neeson Surprised He Is Seen as a 'Badass"

Neeson surprised he's seen as a 'badass' -

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Liam Neeson says he is flattered to be offered a flurry of action-hero roles at this stage of his career.
"Hollywood likes to pigeon-hole you," the 60-year-old actor told reporters at a recent roundtable interview in New York to promote his new thriller, "Taken 2."
"After 'Schindler's List,' I was pigeon-holed in a certain way and then with the success of 'Taken,' I was re-pigeon-holed again," he said. "I started receiving quite a number of action scripts where the hero is obviously 30 years of age, but they changed it to late 40s, early 50s. It's quite flattering."

Comment...  I know that this is the last guy I would want after me so I would avoid him like the plague. You would think that the bad guys would do the same thing but we all know they weren't in the right line when they handed out the brains.... Mr. Neeson plays such a convincing protector of his family that you believe him when says, " I'll do what I do best"..  There is a clip on the link... In the movie "Rob Roy", Neeson has a sword fight with a very young actor named Tim Roth. I have seen all of Mr. Neeson's movies since then and I won't miss this one.....

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