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Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Who Me, Where?"

Did you ever wish you were invisible? I mean so no one could see you. To be able to walk down the street and not be looked at all the time. To walk into a room and not be noticed or talked to? To be able to stand anonymously by, not saying a word and being bothered by anyone or anything. Well, I have and I have been wishing this would happen to me more and more lately. As you know or don't know I'm having a problem with our constantly changing world and I want to be left alone but not all the time, just some of the time. Let the world change at lightning speed while I stay where I am mentally and without the problems that go along with all the confusion and instability. The way things are going these days, its just moving too fast for me to understand so I am practicing being invisible because being the center of attention or visible also comes with the responsibly of setting a good example and as we all know these days that is impossible and almost non-existent. I mean who sets a good example these days? I don't want to be part of all that stuff. So being here and there or somewhere and being invisible works for me...Does it work and can you really do this, you may ask? I say, it works it really does but only if you practice. I mean I'm still here and there but barely noticeable. I have gotten so transparent lately that people don't say hello anymore and that's a good thing. Oh, some do but only if I want them too. You may not believe this but later on in the future you or I won't be here and no one will really care anyway. So from now on I'm going to practice not being here or in other words, being invisible. I will only become visible when I drive my car because it wouldn't look so good for a car to be going down the road without a driver.

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