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Friday, November 30, 2012

"Alcohol and Drug Addiction"

Re:   To Lindsey Lohan's continuing problem with Alcohol and Drugs....

It looks like Lindsey is one of those who think they can control their drinking and drug use. Some actually feel that they can cure themselves by not drinking or using drugs for short periods of time. Let me make one thing perfectly clear to all you naysayers. If you are a Drug addict or an Alcoholic. There is no CURE for Alcoholism or Drug addiction! Its how the word cure is used. To cure someone of something means that the disease will never reoccur. For example. There is no cure for Cancer. There is no cure for Diabetes. Well, there is no cure for Addiction! People like Chris Prentiss who claim to have a "Cure" are frauds. These criminals are liars of the lowest form and prey on the desperately sick and addicted who in a last resort will spend any amount of money to relieve themselves of the desire and compulsion to drink or use drugs. Alcoholism and Drug addiction is disease like no other. It is a deadly disease that tells you are not sick and that its OK to drink or use drugs again after you stop for a short period of time. The truth is, "Total abstinence" for the rest of your life is the only way to ease the craving and desire to drink or use drugs. There are a few programs that will help you. Alcoholics Anonymous being the most popular. Did you ever quit smoking only later to smoke one cigarette and find yourself smoking like before only more? If you have stopped drinking and using drugs only later to pick up a drink or use a drug the symptoms will be 100 times worse than they were before. Your chances are slim for recovery and only if you are very lucky you might recover after that first use... Usually people will start drinking because of peer pressure. After a while it becomes the thing to do to fit in and feel good about doing questionable things. That will be a false courage....The alcohol commercials are proving that. The goal for them is to get you hooked and make money. They are drug dealers! Alcohol is a drug just like Nicotine. They want to start you drinking. The younger the better. For woman, your inhibitions will disappear. A while ago before you started drinking you might have thought about what your parents taught you or what the consequences would be because of your behavior. When woman drink morals disappear and they lose that healthy caution and will do things they wouldn’t normally do. They will become prey. This will go on until someone suggests to try a joint or smoke some grass.
   Contrary to popular belief, to an addictive personally Marijuana is a stepping stone drug and will lead to the use of heavier drugs like prescription drugs, crack cocaine or heroin. At that point its only be a matter of time. You will think using drugs will be easier than drinking and it will make you feel high faster.. With woman its all about emotions, feelings and feeling good, so off you go. With a guy its all about being shy and lacking self-confidence. Alcohol and drugs will allow you do things that you see on TV and that usually leads to taking chances then pain or death.. For some, addiction is a slow process. If you just drink it could take years but when you add drugs to the mix it won’t take long. Some are lucky enough to hit bottom before they do too much damage to themselves, family and friends. For others it will take longer and the longer it takes the bigger the odds that the person will find jail or death. In any event if you drink and use drugs your life expectancy will be shortened...   If you have any doubts about drinking, listen because those doubts are your warning sign! Please don't start.

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