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Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Four More Years"

You knew I couldn't stay silent for long didn't you? I mean I have to say something..Still its like beating a dead horse but now its back to the same old stuff. No changes but more spending. Yesterday I heard Connecticut is 1.8 BILLION dollars in debt...Not Million but Billion..Did I just hear someone say, Where did all that money go"?...What is wrong with that picture?....Well, now in Washington its four more years of the same or worse. More than likely, the worse. Lets take a look at what you elected or in this case reelected. Not only America's first Black President but he is from Illinois, the most corrupt State in the Union with four of its Governors and various political figures all convicted of crimes against the people. (Can I still say that?) I always wonder about the ones who didn't get caught? He's elected yes but he still can't do anything worth while, not that he would. Why? I don't think he wants too and because the majority of Congress are Republicans. He's not well liked on the hill, to say the least. He is someone who thinks spending is the only solution. Just keep in mind all those Trillions of dollars have to be repaid. Its just like all your maxed out credit cards. You need to pay all that money back. Its the same as if you borrowed money from a bank only with a huge interest rate. You knew that didn't you? Sometimes I wonder about that? Your President has never heard the quote "Money cannot buy happiness" He is someone who the Arabs, big oil, and a host of, God only knows who, have in their pocket via campaign donations. I mean what else could it be? They made it legal for themselves to do that...Huh...You don't have to have a brain to see what is going on. Only now you have a lame duck President who now has nothing to lose. Its sort of open season on anything, what difference does it make? Can't you see that grin now. Obama is a friend (cohort) of Jessie Jackson Jr. (wow, are they really staying silent on that issue, I'll bet they are banned from talking about that in the oval office..) who for the past four years has been under investigation for trying to buy Obama's senate seat and stealing campaign funds, you know buying a $40,000 Rolex watch with your money. Hmmm I wonder who that was for. Wasn't that enough warning of what is going on? Jr. and his (team) of Lawyers is negotiating with the FBI if you can believe that. Jackson hasn't been to work, feigning some kind of illness for about about 6 months but was reelected to what ever he does. I mean this guy has homes in Washington and Illinois...Do you have two homes?  I will never understand why people can't see what is going on? I'll bet his father is really pissed...You know, disgracing the family and all that stuff. I don't know about that ether, these people have no conscience...

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