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Friday, November 2, 2012

"Windsor Locks Will Object to Highest Bid for Old Factory"

Windsor Locks Will Object to Highest Bid for Montgomery Mills Building - Windsor Locks-East Windsor, CT Patch

Picture is of the Old High School. Its now the Town Hall .....

Windsor Locks officials have decided to object to the $15,000 bid for the Montgomery Mills complex, which was placed during an October 6 foreclosure sale. First Selectman Steven N. Wawruck Jr. said the board of selectmen has instructed Town Attorney Scott Storms to object to the sale in court. “Fifteen thousand dollars doesn’t even cover the court costs we’ve incurred so far,” Wawruck said. The highest bidder at $15,000 was Mohan Sachdev, a veterinarian from Windsor. He told officials he wants to restore the building for residential.

Comment...... Remember this story? I wrote about it a while ago. My old home town. Where I was raised and went to school. The old train station where I got the train to go to school in Hartford Connecticut. Although the station is not mentioned in the article, its still there, it still smells and it is still an eyesore... I wrote about how all the other towns in the area have solved their old train station and factory issues years ago... In Windsor Locks Its been at a stand still for years and as those years go by, it still goes on and on and on.. Now its another delay. The diesel trains are still going by with blaring horns, shaking the ground and vibrating windows. The eye sore smelly train station and old factory still stand there rotting away. Do not stand downwind to these places! I'm willing to bet that there is, among other things asbestos in that wind! It still comes down to money, greed and the decision making politicians and lawyers. I mean what else is new?  There is something really wrong here... Its never ever about the people.

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