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Friday, November 23, 2012

"Americans Rush to Stores on 'Black Friday"

Americans Rush to Stores on 'Black Friday'

 The U.S. holiday shopping season has arrived.  Across the country, Americans are swarming retail stores in a yearly event known as "Black Friday."
Black Friday - the day after America's Thanksgiving holiday - is traditionally the year's busiest shopping day.

 Comment..........This isn't as true as it sounds... Its what they want you to believe..but in comparison to the amount to the people that live here, the number of people that went to the store was minimal. I live here and if If I wrote this story I would have said that the number of shoppers dropped and the retailers that stayed opened lost money this holiday...Black Friday did not work this year. Not everyone in America can afford to this kind of shopping. Contrary to popular belief around the world most of us are not crazy. Things are really bad here and it really looks like no one can afford much of anything...