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Monday, September 3, 2012

"Beached Whales Die On Scottish Coast" (Pictures)

Beached Whales Die On Scottish Coast


Pilot Whales Die On Scottish Coast

More than a dozen whales have died after becoming stranded on the east coast of Scotland.
A pod of 26 pilot whales was discovered at the base of steep cliffs in Pittenweem, near St Andrews, at about 7am on Sunday.

Whales stranded off Scotland
Nine of the whales are being kept alive by vets.
"We are hopeful all the ten will survive - but I would say the chances are 50-50. It is up to the animals now. People here certainly couldn't have done more - they were magnificent."

Comment....I will never ever believe these creatures will do this on their own! I firmly believe that a passing submerged submarine's sonar messes up the built in sonar on these whales and causes confusion. Only then do they beach themselves... Of coarse the United States will not take responsibility and will deny this....

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