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Thursday, September 6, 2012

“The Devil Made Me Do It“

I don't know why I'm thinking about this stuff.... First it was Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye. Who did he get caught with in the Motel room? Was it Jessica Hahn? She said Bakker and another guy drugged her. Shes 53 now.. I wonder where she is today. She was famous for all of 37 seconds after she did a Playboy spread....He was that preacher guy that had that ministry that folks sent truck loads of money too. He’s still paying the government. He owes 6 million dollars in back taxes…Tammy died in 2007. Gee I wonder why?...Then there was Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Lee Lewis’s brother. Remember the tearful confession on TV? Sex in the motel with prostitutes. Jerry Lee, the “Whole lot of shaking going on guy”. He was the one who was married to the 14 year old girl. Huge issue at the time…Then  there was the Catholic priests and the young boys and girls. That was really sad. Next was that black preacher guy Eddie Long and those gay guys…Hallelujah Mother frucker. I can hear, "Macho Man" by the Village people playing the background. Don’t laugh, you try to spell Hallelujah...Will it ever end? I don’t know why I’m thinking about all these losers. It just seems like it’s a cycle of insanity…Whatever happened to ’Practice what you preach”? Pun Intended...Who said, “The Devil made me do it“.... Was it Flip Wilson? I liked him…I guess, I am just wondering who it will be next? That’s it guys gonna take a shower and then I’m going to breakfast with friends… Take care or you might be next…Maybe this is one of the reasons they watch us constantly…

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