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Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Part 1 - Written on 3/26/2009"

                       The unintentional predictions are between the lines....

I think its about time I address this economy thing. First, I have never in my life seen our government spend these huge amounts of money to save, bail out or boost any economy let alone ours.. This is a free enterprise nation and the theory is to lower the prices to get business moving in your store or business. In other words, remember gas wars between two stations? Well, its like that only in regular stores. Now that gas prices have dropped and stabilized the prices of food and other things have stayed high in the stores. it’s one of the first signs of the disease of greed. They haven’t come down. Only a complete moron would pay some of the outrageous prices in those stores, yet they do. I just don’t believe what I see. I just see the lines getting shorter. Bail out! Give me a break! That was unheard of until now. It all started when the clown in the White House said send everyone $300. That was such a joke. I just heard the Post Office say they were operating in the hole losing money but they were buying very expensive homes for some of their employees. Some for a Million dollars. Give me a another break…I’d fire the Post Master General who signed off on that one so fast his head would spin. In fact I would have the police escort him off the premises. Now they are raising the price of stamps. I still don’t believe that? In the past if a store or business was losing business or was going to fail they had a going out of business sale and that was that. I’m afraid this country has been taken over by dishonesty, stupidity and greed. It didn’t matter how big the business was or what kind of excuse they come up with. They were done. When the government starts to give away this kind of money its open season on theft. AIG and Bush’s and Chaney’s oil pals for example. The thieves come out of the woodwork. There are just too many people and not enough space. There are too many stores and too much stuff. Too many kinds of products that we don’t need. There are too many people on welfare and food stamps. We all know who they are.......Continued tomorrow..

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