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Monday, September 10, 2012

"Three Minutes of Weather"

 Written in 2008 as sort of a way to predict things. It wasn't my intention but it works. ...You should try this. 

I’m not going to complain about anything today. I should but I’m not. Mondays are going to be my day off from writing about things I can’t do anything about. However…I wonder if its possible NOT to watch TV in the morning…I’ve said it many times. Its all commercials now. Every half hour its 27 minutes of ads conning or begging you to buy something so they can steal your money, then 3 minutes of weather. It’s become a habit to turn things on when I get up in the morning but I notice that I turn on the computer first now. Could that be a sign of things to come? Someone on, I think it was CNN said, “Now that we have digital TV you can see scar lines from facial surgery“. Some producers don’t want people who have had these operations on TV, oops so much for progress. Looks like we are going to have a whole bunch of new people on the shows of the future. They will all be young and attractive and have no scar lines. I hope the cosmetic surgeons in Hollywood have a second job. I also notice that certain web pages have obnoxious commercials and advertising on them. What makes the greedy advertising crooks think that people would buy anything that is so aggravating and painful to watch is beyond me, It’s a waste of money? I always say that if its advertised on or sold on the internet don’t buy it. Its too dangerous and someone might get your credit card number. Don‘t trust anyone on the internet no matter how easy or honest it looks…Never click on anything you don't know about or trust. I guess that means everything. No one has any money anyway, What’s the difference? Is noticing the same as complaining? I’ve got to stop now before I scream………

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