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Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Update - Rep. Jesse Jackson jr. leaves Mayo Clinic"

Rep. Jesse Jackson jr. leaves Mayo Clinic -

 WASHINGTON — Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., has left the Mayo Clinic and is at home in the nation's capital with his family, an aide said today.

"He's home with his wife and children and he's convalescing," Rick Bryant, his chief of staff in suburban Chicago, told the Chicago Tribune.

Jackson, 47, was treated for bipolar depression at the clinic this summer.  He began a medical leave of absence June 10.

Comment....I was just looking at all the Facebook comments and not one was something positive. Some think he is a drug addict not being able to admit he is powerless over drugs and alcohol. A few wonder why they live in Washington with his wife being a aldermen for someplace in Chicago. I just wonder when he is going to be arrested for trying to buy Obama's Senate seat. I mean fair is fair. He was one of that pack of thieves trying to do that. I am praying that the investigation continues and he is convicted and ends up in a cell sitting next Blagojevich.

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