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Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Bounty Placed on Anti-Muslim Filmmaker"

Bounty placed on anti-Muslim filmmaker -

Sept. 23, 2012 at 12:20 AM
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Sept. 22 (UPI) -- A Pakistani government minister Saturday offered a $100,000 bounty for the death of person behind the anti-Islam video that set off widespread violence.
Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour called on Taliban and al-Qaida members "to take part in this noble cause," the BBC reported.
"If he is handed over to me, I will do it myself," the British network quote him as saying.

Comment .........Let me see if I got this right? The country we send aid (Billions of American dollars) put a bounty for the death of the guy that made the anti Muslim movie...And to top it off a Pakistani Government official said  he would, "personally kill the guy himself"...Is this enough for the American taxpayers to say stop sending aid to this primitive backward country....Oh wait, American taxpayers have no say on this issue....All those decisions are made by that, "Corrupt Illinois American President" and the Politicians in Washington...If you or I said those things here in America we would be arrested yet its OK to say those things in the country we (taxpayers) send American Dollars. ...None of this makes sense to me...No wonder America is circling the drain...

Click the link below for more on the aid package

The U.S. gave $20.7 billion in military and economic development aid to Pakistan from fiscal 2002 through fiscal 2011, according to a new report that FOX Business has obtained that was issued by specialists in South Asian Affairs for the Congressional Research Service [CRS] to Congress on May 6.
The report also shows that the U.S. gave Pakistan $1.3 billion in 2003 and 2004 to help cancel an earlier $1.5 billion debt Pakistan owed U.S. taxpayers. The U.S. gave $4.46 billion to Pakistan in fiscal 2010. The Administration purportedly wants to lift Pakistan’s 2012 total aid to $3.4 billion from the $2.96 billion CRS says has been requested for 2012.

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