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Friday, September 7, 2012

"Bail Granted For Christian Pakistani Girl Accused Of Blasphemy"

Bail Granted For Christian Pakistani Girl Accused Of Blasphemy Against Islam : The Two-Way : NPR

 The young Pakistani girl who has been in custody for about two weeks after neighbors accused her of burning some Islamic religious materials has been granted bail by a judge in Islamabad.
But NPR's Jackie Northam reports that the bail set today — the equivalent of about $10,000 — is an "enormous sum here in Pakistan." So it's uncertain whether Rimsha Masih will be out of jail anytime soon.

Rimsha has what some news outlets have described as Down Syndrome while others refer to her as "mentally impared." Her age has been reported as being as young as 11 and as old as 16. In court today, Jackie reports, she was referred to several times as being 14. It's not clear that she knew what she allegedly burned — or even that she did what she's accused of. There have been reports that the accusations may have been motivated by some neighbors' desire to push a small community of Christians out of an Islamabad slum. Protests in the slum following the accusations against Rimsha led the Christians to go into hiding.

 Comment... This is the country we send aid, American tax dollars and American troops. The same country that hid the murderer Osama bin Laden. He killed 3000 Americans in the World Trade Center. The same country that is famous for massive corruption. Stop all aid now! If we continue to send aid to these "Barbarians" the United States is partly responsible for what happens this little girl.

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