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Saturday, September 29, 2012

"More Deaths by Suicide than Car Crashes"

PressTV - Suicide leading cause of injury deaths


More Americans now commit suicide than die in car crashes, making suicide the leading cause of injury deaths, according to a new study.

In addition, over the last 10 years, while the number of deaths from car crashes has declined, deaths from poisoning and falls increased significantly, the researchers report.

"Suicides are terribly undercounted; I think the problem is much worse than official data would lead us to believe," said study author Ian Rockett, a professor of epidemiology at West Virginia University.

In the past year, over 2.2 million adults revealed they had made suicide plans in the past year, and over 1 million reported attempting suicide.

Comment ...... The title statistic here is what captured my interest.. Morbid yes but very real. This is a subject people don't like to think about, putting it on the back shelf saying it can't happen to me. Well, yes, it can happen to you and your family.  First, I think the primary reason for suicide is the hopelessness of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. Its all around you and if look really close someone in your family has this disease. Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg and one of the many reasons for suicide... Look at the declining family values and morals and all the Mom and Dad divorces? The Television in your house if you can still stand to watch, is constantly programing you to do some not so nice things and buy, buy, buy and spend, spend, spend. Even the music of today is suggesting you have sex and is using foul language encouraging you with the lyrics. If young men and woman think they can do this without guilt and consequences, think again. When getting a job means working in a fast food restaurant or a Super Market stocking shelf's or checking out people, listening to that constant high pitched beep at the computer register.... They call that a career?... Do they expect you to do this for the next 30 years and be happy? Of coarse now there is more and more credit card debt. If you can't afford it just charge it and pay later. Right? Then student loan debt and losing a real job and the career you thought was safe and would last forever. Along with this comes losing your home and living in a country where greed is the key word and all they want is your money... All these things lead to anger, rage, loneliness, despair and depression. There is only so much people can take. So now with the continuously rising gas and food prices, a Presidential election coming up and from what I can see no real changes, I expect this statistic to go up... 

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