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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Lindsay Lohan Charged in NYC with Hit-and-Run"

Lindsay Lohan Charged in NYC Hit-and-Run | NBC New York

Lohan Charged in NYC Hit-and-Run

Lindsay Lohan was arrested in New York early Wednesday morning.
Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested in New York for allegedly clipping a pedestrian and leaving the scene of an accident, police said.
Authorities said Lohan allegedly struck a man while trying to navigate her 2010 Porsche Cayenne out of an alleyway between the Dream Hotel and the Maritime on 16th Street around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday.
She was driving slowly and there was a crowd of people around her when the incident happened, police said. There were two people in the SUV with Lohan at the time.
Police say no alcohol was involved.

Comment....I seen this article this morning and had to think about for a while. ..I always wait and give her the benefit of the doubt. It looks like Lindsey is in trouble again...Did she even know what she did? Was she set up? Is it a blond thing with her? A two year old Porsche? Huh? I didn't know she still had a drivers license after all the stuff that happened in the past..."Lindsay"...("Raising my voice a little here")...Limo and a driver from now on Please!....Do you even have a clue? Don't worry I still love you.....

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