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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Blizzard Two"

OMG, more snow today. actually tonight. I should be home by the time it starts. Not that I’m going anywhere special. I’m just going to get some chores done………

I feel really bad for the people that got caught up in all that insanity in Tucson. It bothers me because things like this are part of the norm in our society today. If it didn’t happen there it would have been somewhere else. I heard that some Politian's will start to carry guns now. Didn’t they learn anything about this disaster. The people are angry and its time to figure out why? They don’t realize they work for the people and it involves doing things for the people. Not for themselves. I know why things like this happen and I have been saying it for months and months. I've been writing about the rage in this Country for a long time and its escalating every minute of everyday. What they are talking about now is business as usual and that usually cost the taxpayers more. Its just got to stop….It got to the point that I had to stop for a while. Yes, its true, I did have a 1000 consecutive posts but that was only half the problem. I needed a break from thinking about those things…I turned to Twittering a lot of the issues away and in a sense sharing the craziness with my followers and online friends….Its working so far. Its like I’m not carrying the load all by myself. I haven't heard any complaints so I must be doing something right….My Blog page has my Twittering's on it. You can see I’ve been pretty busy.. Like I said its going to be one of those pre-storm days where everybody is rushing around doing things…Everyone except me that is

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