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Friday, January 28, 2011


When I got up this morning I turned on the TV only to see vivid scenes of a riot and I always think about whether it could happen here. The question is, could what is happening in Egypt happen here in the the United States? I guess they are protesting over the high prices, corruption and no jobs. Sound familiar? There is also something about the leadership and someone being in office too long and won’t give up what ever it is. They all have those weird names so I don’t know who's who or who does what…They said, one of these leaders is friends with our government and our leaders. Is he the good guy or the bad guy? On the morning shows here they are talking about whether the meat in a burrito is real and Charlie being a drug addict. Is that a distraction or do real people care about this nonsense? In Egypt they are showing cops or solders shooting people with water cannons and rubber bullets. Is this the military shooting the citizens? It looks like that but if not, how come there are so many cops? How can anyone shut down the Internet? Wow, now that is a perfect example of fear and censorship. I’d like to see them try that in this country. I guess they think they are in Iran. How long will it take before they realize the people are angry and out of control and sometimes they want change. Where do the bad guys hide when things like this are happening? I can imagine them cowering in a Penthouse suite somewhere with an AK-47 and piles of money stacked up every where, upset because they couldn't sleep last night. Could this be a hidden message to our leaders? If so, the morons here won’t see it through the piles of money they have stacked up in their mansion's. Will there be a huge summer time riot here? Will we see a Kent State all over again? Are the people here in the U.S. angry enough and sick and tired of being led around by nose with promises and lies? Don’t our millionaire leaders realize the nothing is forever. Don’t they realize the people are getting impatient and that sometimes just maybe they need to do something or make a decision that will benefit the people and not themselves…

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