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Thursday, January 13, 2011

"I Was Thinking"

I haven’t seen a storm like this in years and I don’t think snow was in the game plan when they built this place. The snow removal equipment here is inadequate and the parking lots are so messed up that I couldn’t go anywhere if I wanted to. While I was hanging around yesterday I was thinking…The shooting and killing is going on all over the country. A Congress woman, God bless her, gets shot and now our Washington, wanna be big wigs want to carry guns…Its like no one else counts. Everyday people are dying from guns. Did they just notice this? They think its about them. Everyday somebody gets shot or stabbed because of a bad drug deal. Didn't they hear about the school shootings, the work shootings, the drive-by shootings, the angry husband or wife shootings and the kids killing kids. My God, a 10 year old boy just walked up behind his Mother and shot her in the back of the head over doing chores. Are they blind? A lot of people die because of the anger and rage in this country. Don’t they realize that some of this anger is because of their inept decision making and corruption. Its like when your local News team interviews someone standing on the street and person says “I didn’t think something like this would happen in my neighborhood”? Hey, wake up moron. The bad guys and sickos pop up where you least expect it. Depression greed and hate is rampid. Its everywhere. The kid that shot those people is insane. These are copycat murders. His parents are saying they are sorry. Sorry! I don’t care how old he is or if he lived in a cave! Where were his parents and so called friends when he was showing the warning signs. There are warning signs…This insanity happens every day, all over the country. It’s the Lawyers, Loopholes and the Law that keep the sick people from getting help. Our so called Washington leaders are all Lawyers and the law makers and only care about themselves. All they care about making deals and under the table scams. There is no one there that can make a decision without getting something in return, worrying about what someone is going to say or thinking about getting reelected. Tell me that isn’t true! That’s what its all about. Its getting worse every day…The question is who is going to die today, because they certainty don’t care…

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