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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Would you believe the weather man has issued a bad air warning. This is second time this year that we have had polluted or stagnate air over the State of Connecticut and its only January 29th. I’m wondering when the drinking water will run out. Last year when I lived in Windsor Locks we were told not to drink the water. They thought there was some kind of chemical in it. So far I haven’t heard anybody say what's going to happen to all the water when this 70 inches of snow finally thaws. To PETA, will someone tell those moron farmers to move the horses and cows before anymore needlessly die when the barn roof collapse's. Well, enough bad news. The good news is its not snowing here today so I think I will go to the store and do some shopping before it snows again on Wednesday. One of the things I think about before I go, is where to go and will the parking lot be big enough to park. You have drive around for a while so you can see beyond the huge piles of snow. So far this season I haven’t seen one bucket loader moving any snow. I don’t understand how they are not getting ready for the next storm. Hang in there guys, it will be a few days before it gets worse…

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