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Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Moment of Clarity”

You see a sign in a store window. Sale! Sale! Sale! So you think, you need one of those. Or you have always wanted one of those. Even being a nice person you will share or give it away. The sign said 50% to 75% off and if you buy 2 and you get the third one free. So you say to yourself. Self, I think I’ll get a few of those whether I need them or not. You go into the store and you buy 2 and you do get the 3rd one free. You go home then after a while you look at the sales slip and realize you could have bought one of those items at another store for 3 times less money. Then you say to yourself. Self, these crooks jacked the price up 300% and that you paid the regular price for each item. The store still made 4 times the money over what they paid for that item. That was a scam and that guys, is what is described as “Moment of clarity”. That has never happened to me because I realize I absolutely never get anything for free. In this country where its legal to steal, lie, cheat all for the sake of the economy. All's fair when it come to business. P.T Barnum supposedly said, although there's some question about that too, “There is a sucker born every minute”. Its worse now than it ever was. There is always someone around every corner willing to scam or cheat you…From the grocery store mixing sale items with the higher priced items, I just brought something back. I thought it was on sale and I , you guessed it. I paid 3 times what it was worth without realizing it. I went a got my money back. To the TV preacher stealing from the senior citizens. How about the heating oil and gas prices? Those freaks don’t need to charge that much for fuel. They know that the price of gas controls the U.S. Economy. Its our life blood. It doesn’t matter to them. Are our leaders just too stupid to know this or is there something else going on? And lastly, this is for all of you who think that buying the most expensive item because if it cost a little more it must be better. Wrong! They jack up the prices on the cheaper things for people like you, who think just because it cost a little more its better. Well its not. Its stuff they want to get rid of to people who think that expensive is better….That’s business in good old U.S.A. That, all you rich folks out there was a “Moment of Clarity”…..

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