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Sunday, January 9, 2011

‘Its Like a War”

                        Lets face it. Its like we are in sort of a war…All of us go around gleefully ignoring what is happening around us pretending that we are in a bubble. We go out each day never really knowing if you are going to come home safe. 10 or 15 years ago you would leave in morning saying, “See you tonight Hun” and never really think about it because it felt like it was going to happen. Hey, it was a sure thing. Now, in 2011 the chances of coming home are less than were 10 years ago. The store you go into might be the last store you ever stop in. The cars that crash on the highway are going so fast they disintegrate into unrecognizable pieces. The office or shop you work in could be the last place you ever go. Do you trust the person in the next room, the customer that just walked in, the guy that sits next to you. Everywhere you go you see strangers speaking a foreign language. I don’t understand what they are saying. Today I feel suspicious of the people around me. That, it can’t happen to me attitude isn't there anymore. Are they talking about me or planning something? A Congress woman was shot in the head and a Federal judge killed, plus others were killed in the melee yesterday. I’ve been on Twitter for the past few weeks reading and reporting on the insanity in this country by way of links and I’ll tell you its really bad out there. Its just not safe anymore. The anger is a silent and deadly. Its contagious and dangerous. You can actually see it and feel it. Anywhere you go, you don’t know if someone has a gun or a bomb. Remember a few years ago when a post office worker shot and killed his fellow workers. The phrase, ‘Dude, don’t go postal on me” was born. Well, its not funny anymore and its happening everywhere now. It could be the person standing next to you on the bus or in a subway or in a plane. It could be in that coffee shop or Super Market you go to in the morning. It doesn’t matter what State you are in its happening everywhere. It could be your neighbor. Its just not safe anymore. If it happens to you, maybe you will never know and probably won’t hear the shots. Although its safe to say it will be recorded and shown on the news or U Tube at a later date… Keith Olbermann is right, its domestic terrorism and its got to stop. I think its too late. Some really tough changes have to be made….

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