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Saturday, January 15, 2011

"The Car"

I watched 4 episodes of Rubicon last night. I like that spy stuff. Talk about conspiracies and enemy's within our government…It’s a good show I can’t wait till season 2..I have the new season of “The Wire”. Season 5 from HBO thanks to a friend of mine. I've seen all the seasons up to 5. I also have the new movie “Company Men” to watch tonight so it can get as cold as it wants. No cabin fever yet because I can get out during the day. I never thought I would say this but its just too cold to walk on the beach. I was down there yesterday morning…Check the picture's and don’t forget. Click on the picture for a better view….

While having all this free time on my hands because of the cold I was playing with my new phone and I found the maps. Touch the screen put in the location or zip code and there I am…My house is in there like on Google earth. Hotels, restaurants, its amazing. I can see how people get connected, even addicted to these things. I have notes, music, Doctors appointments and reminders programed already and I don’t even know how everything works. I should mention the cold. Last night it was 5 or 6 below zero here. I’m talking really cold. They said that it hasn’t been this cold here in 6 years. Tonight I’m supposed to go out with my friends but I’m not sure about that. I’ve been meeting with all my pals quite often but this weather is horrible. OK, maybe I just don’t want get my car dirty, I can’t help that. Not to long ago I had an ex-girl say I was. Her words….“Too much in love that car” Can you believe that? Where did that come from? Excuse me I said, this car is my hobby and explained, “It’s a Mustang”. She said it was either her or the car. Duh, what kind of a choice is that? It’s a no brainer, of coarse I took the car, are you kidding me? Have a good one guys, stay warm…

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