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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We are in the middle of a white out here in E. Lyme. Its really bad out there. Yesterday, I had the pre-storm anticipation pangs like in the old days when I worked for the State of Connecticut at Bradley International Airport…Its strange because I haven’t done that job in years…It felt like like they were going to call me to go to work. Toward the end of my career for the last 3 of those years, I wouldn’t work during a snow storm. I told them not to call me. They tried everything to make me come in to work but when I finally came in with a Doctors letter telling them I couldn’t work, they gave up. Besides I worked there for 20 years and I had a built-in, “We can’t fire this guy clause” I can’t count the Holidays I missed during those working years. That’s the sad part. I resented them for taking away all the Christmas’s and Thanksgiving’s not to mention the New Years celebrations. Those things only happen once a lifetime and believe me it wasn’t worth it. I commend everyone that does that job but no amount of money is worth it…When they called me, I would go in for a minimum of 3 days. It was just too much for me. I was so happy when I quit that job after 20 years and started working for U.S. Government. I had my own office and car and no phone calls. If something happened I would delegate someone to fix it then call me…I transferred from the Federal Building in Hartford to the Navy Hospital in Groton Connecticut and worked the second shift from 3 to 11…It was a blessing and so peaceful. I have never missed a Holiday at home since. I have lived near the ocean more or less since I came down to work at the Base. I won’t ever go back…..

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