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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Rising Fuel Costs Could Dampen Summer Travel"

Rising Fuel Costs Could Dampen Summer Travel - Orlando News Story - WESH Orlando

 Rising gas prices are taking a major toll on people getting ready for summer holiday travel. With gas prices getting close to the $4 mark, residents said Monday they are bracing for things to cost more, and that includes plans for summer vacation.

Comment...I love the way they say, "Could Dampen Summer Travel"....I would say people have to feed their kids and not go on vacation or Mom and Dad are working 24 hours a day trying to pay for heating the house. Obama said, "When he elected for a second term". Lets change that to "If he is elected"...Tell him about the how you feel about the price of gas...Watch him smile and joke about it...Something really bad is going on in this country...

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