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Friday, August 3, 2012


Its finally happened! I have become an “Afterthought“. Have you ever became one of those? This is how it happened to me…A while ago, a past girl friend started calling me on a regular basis. Sometimes twice a day… Keep in mind that this has been going on for more than 2 years. She would call just to talk but more for advice and friendship and also to stay with me sometimes at the beach of coarse. I mean I wasn’t born yesterday…Believe me here I’m not looking for anything and I like it that way. I have been through all the love stuff with this kid so trust me here. There is no ulterior motive. Just good old fashion friendship. I don’t hold grudges or have resentments. Yes, there are people like me left. From the old school. Honest and friendly. I’m just one of those proverbial nice guys that is getting more and more rare to find each day. Well, it seems this young lady has found a boy friend. Believe me here I don’t care. Its true that I have wants and needs but she is definitely not one of them. I really don’t care but in a nice way. What happened was the phone calls stopped. It looked like I had lost my position as personal confidant, mentor and adviser. Then as an “Afterthought” two weeks later she called one day and asked me to do her a favor. I said I would but really, I won’t…. That’s when it happened! I felt like I became an “Afterthought”.

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