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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Kevin Costner Now Set for Jack Ryan CIA Roles"

Kevin Costner Now Set for Jack Ryan CIA Roles in Multiple Movies |

Kevin Costner

It looks like Costner is ready to make quite a comeback. Besides Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, he's got a few other high profile projects coming up. A few weeks ago we reported that Kevin Costner was set to take a role in the upcoming Jack Ryan film, starring Chris Pine as Ryan, in the works at Paramount with Kenneth Branagh. He is set for that, but Deadline now reports there's another spin-off Jack Ryan franchise called Without Remorse that is developing as well, and that Costner would play the same CIA operative/mentor character in both films. That one has a director, too, but just wait until you hear who they're trying to cast.

Comment....Jack Ryan is writer Tom Clancy's spy character in his books and although I'm not a Clancy fan I have read a few...This should prove to an interesting series of movies. Gone are the days where Mr. Costner would play the lead role and that is sad...... If you remember the movie "No way out" where he played a Russian spy who was in the U.S. Navy working in the Pentagon you will know what I mean... I will see these movies...

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