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Monday, August 13, 2012

"The Violence Today"

I went to the Super Market yesterday and while waiting in the line I call the, "Compulsive spender aisle", its the aisle located just before the cash register and they make you pass through there to wait before paying. I noticed one of those New York gossip rags with the headline "Son of Sam speaks". I started to think about what is going on in this country with the all the murders and shootings. Its like this newspaper and others like it, if you can call them that, want something to happen. Who cares what this Bastard has to say? Yet someone will actually spend money to read what this monster said. I will never understand that..These newspapers know that maybe someone reading what this freak has to say will be encouraged to copy these psychopaths, thinking that they can get away with murder. I don't know but I think its because these nutcases think they are smarter. They always show the most shocking and insane things on the TV news? They are constantly reshaping our cultural values. The young people of today are, for the most part not being taught at home or in school anymore. Look at the bullying epidemic for example. Years ago kids learned by limit setting and their parents example. Today it’s the murderer or shooter as they call him, the drug addict movie star or singer or some other twisted thing on Facebook or YouTube. Young minds see these things and guess what? Right, without the right supervision kids will try anything. The next thing you know they are on the local news and you are saying. "Awww isn’t that a shame, I knew that kid, he was so nice...

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