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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Video - Punishment For Fatal Accident: Driver Will Be Executed"

Punishment For Fatal Accident: Driver Will Be Executed

 A driver who killed two bystanders while performing a stunt has received a death sentence from Saudi Arabian authorities. The driver, known as Mutannish in court records, will be beheaded. His death has not yet been scheduled. Mutannish had been engaged in the Saudi pastime of drifting, making his car spin and skid at high speeds, when he lost control and plowed into a crowd of men. The practice is also known as hagwalah, and also can include purposely driving in the wrong direction. The video shows an examples of the practice.

Comment.... In Saudi Arabia they call it thrill seeking and its becoming a major problem. Check out the video that comes with this link...Rumor has it that the Connecticut State Police will be executing some of the crazy Bastards here on Route 95 in Connecticut..But that's just a rumor...Seriously check this videos! It looks like they are making a movie...I guess these guys are finding a way to spend all the money we spend for gas. I can't think of a better way to do it than to get yourself executed. Do you still get all those Virgins if you get executed? If they keep this up some shyster lawyer will figure out a way for you to get them......I absolutely love it! Keep it up guys, stories like this just make my day....  

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