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Friday, August 17, 2012

"Update - People Lost in the Woodwork"

                   Or “Things people will remember you by in the future”
          Or “What people will think about when they hear your name.”
               Or things a publicist will say they can repair but really can’t.

O.J. Simpson…Isn’t he the double murderer that played Football someplace? Did he ever find the killer?

Bill Clinton…“I didn’t inhale.” or “I didn’t have sex with that woman.”

Michael Jackson…Wasn’t he a Pedophile drug addict that died of an overdose? I think the Doctor that he hired to give him fixes killed him by accident...

Robert Blake…..Blake, Who? Was he the one found not guilty of killing his wife. Did they ever find out who did?

Casey Anthony…..Wasn’t she the one from Florida that killed her daughter?

Pamela Anderson…Wasn’t she the one with the fake big boobs that did a porn movie on a boat?

Anthony Weiner…Who? Oh, that guy! Don’t need that visual. Didn't his wife work for Hillery?

Tiger Woods…Who? Oh, he’s that black golfer guy who cheated on his hot blond wife….

Mary Kay Letourneau…Wasn’t she the cute teacher that had sex with that high school kid and married him when she got out of prison. Are they still married?

Plaxico Burress…Wasn’t he the football player that went jail after he shot himself in the leg?

Michael Vick…Wasn’t he the Dog Killer guy? I think he played football. I don’t know where…

Pee wee Herman aka Paul Reubens…..Wasn’t he the guy that had a TV show for kids and talked funny that got arrested for playing with himself in a porn movie theater a long time ago. (1991)

Rap singers….What is that?

Elvis…Wasn’t he some kind of a singer that died from taking too many pills?

Chaney Mason…Wasn’t he that lawyer guy that got his picture taken giving everyone the finger after the Casey Anthony trial? I don’t know why?

Rod Blagovitch….Him? He was just another corrupt Illinois Governor…I think he tried to sell a senate seat to the highest bidder. Wasn't Jesse Jackson's son involved in that? He’s in prison isn’t he?

Roland Burris…Wasn't he involved in buying Obama's Senate seat from that corrupt Governor? Didn’t last long in Washington, he came back to Illinois…Don’t know what happened to him…

Kate Gosselin….Who?

Arnold…..You know, the Terminator guy. The one that married that rich lady….Wasn’t he having sex with his house keeper?

Paris Hilton… Didn’t she have a father that owned a hotel? I think she did a Porn movie…Wasn't she arrested for drugs?

Lindsay Lohan…..Who? Wasn’t she some kind of an actress or something? When I hear the word probation I think of her...

Stewart Parnell…Isn't he the peanut farmer executive who was responsible for killing people by sending poison peanuts for distribution around the country. He told his worker to send them and he knew they were bad....

 There are so many more that deserve this honor but have been forgotten or have been, as my Dad once said, “Lost in the woodwork“….

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