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Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Gas Prices"

When I went out this morning I noticed the gas prices went up again around the shoreline of Connecticut to $4.05 and some places to $4.20 a gallon. No word yet from Washington or Obama when they will be doing something about these outrageous prices. I guess they don't consider this important enough. It looks like the oil companies have really bought and paid for all the greedy millionaire's running for office and the Politicians in Washington...It also looks like the campaign donations and corruption are taking their toll on the American people...I will never understand what the Bastards think they are going to do with all the profit? In the short life span they have there is no way to spend all that money...I wouldn't want to be held responsible for heartache, misery and fear they are causing in this country. This isn't over either.  If Obama is reelected I have a feeling you will be paying $5 to $7 dollars a gallon. The graph below goes as far as 2011. Keep in mind that its Billions of dollars....This is a very, very sick country.....

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