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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update - "Jesse Jackson Jr. is Playing the Wife Card"

Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Wife Says His Depression May Have Been Triggered by Weight Loss Surgery -- Daily Intel

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Jesse Jackson Jr.'s wife, Sandi, said a nutritional imbalance stemming from a 2004 gastric bypass might be to blame for the "debilitating" emotional problems that landed the congressman in the Mayo Clinic, where he is still being treated. Among the rumored causes she dismissed were substance abuse and the recent Federal Indictment of a close friend on bribery charges (she didn't say anything either way about "just being human.") She added that she "fully expects" Jackson to return to work once his doctors approve it.

Comment....This is what is known in some circles as the "wife card"....Have you noticed wifey is putting the spin on lately about his problems. His wife who is an aldermen or an alderwoman or what ever they call it. I call nepotism, started to get on the band wagon about a week ago...He needs to know that the investigation of him trying to buy Obama's Senate seat still continues against him...He is hiding in plain sight and can't stay depressed forever...I still think someone ratted on him and he is finding ways to put off the investigation...

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