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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Update - "Casey Anthony's attorney: 'Get over it' as her probation ends"

Anthony's attorney: 'Get over it' as her probation ends | Casey Anthony - WESH Home

 ORLANDO, Fla. —
Casey Anthony is on the verge of being a free woman.
Her legal team says her probation period ends midnight Thursday.
Anthony's attorneys won't say what she has planned upon her release, but she will no longer be under obligation to stay within the state of Florida.
State Department of Corrections officials are not disclosing specifics of her release due to security concerns, but her attorney says anyone assuming Anthony is still in Florida would be making a bad assumption.
Greene would not say to how much Anthony has re-established family ties. He also has a message for those people that think Anthony got away with murdering her daughter, Caylee.

"The message is.....Any message I deliver would come from me. Get over it and get a life," said Att. Charles Greene.

Comment...."Get a life" should be enough to prompt some anger from some non-Casey fans...We will see at 12 o'clock tonight...

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