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Friday, August 10, 2012

"Former CIA Officer Michael Floyd Pens Book on Spotting Deceit"

Former CIA officer Floyd pens book on spotting deceit

 Spy the Lie” was released last month and teaches the reader skills to pinpoint untruths.
The book has hit the New York Times best seller list, an accomplishment Floyd, a 1968 Columbus High School graduate, didn’t anticipate.
Floyd said it is human nature to believe and trust others. But, on average, a person lies 10 times a day. That includes little untruths that he calls social lies. For example, you might be feeling lousy, but when asked by someone how you are doing, you tell them you are fine. Those kind of lies are told to ease our way through the day.
There are both verbal and non-verbal indicators of a lie. Floyd said they are trained to look beyond certain behaviors. Someone who is sitting with a closed posture with their arms and legs crossed might seem to be guarded or withholding the truth. But Floyd said that might just be how they are most comfortable or might be cold.

Comment....Sounds like an interesting read....I'm kind of lie buff myself...I can tell when someone is telling a lie or a half-truth...With me its all about, "your Tells and eye movement". I've been doing that for a very long time..I don't know how I learned to do it....I think I got the idea from Robert Redford spy movies like "Three days of the Condor" in 1975 and have working on for a long time.. Car salesmen are easy and these days so is anyone trying to sell you something. Kids who have a guilty conscience are easy to spot also. The girl friend lies are the easiest because you know them. I never say anything or call anyone on it but some of my decisions are made on how good they can exaggerate. Its an interesting hobby to say the least...

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Larry Ferrari said...

"Spy the Lie," by Eliot journalist Eliot resident Don Tennant, has made The New York Times best sellers list.