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Monday, May 14, 2012

"FBI Probes Vanishing of Money from Center"

FBI probes vanishing of nonprofits' money from center -

Sonali Kolhatkar, director of Afghan Women's Mission in Pasadena, said her group is unable to fund work it pledged to underwrite.

The FBI is investigating the apparent disappearance of an estimated $1 million dollars in donations that about 200 nonprofits reported losing when the organization that handled their finances abruptly shut down this year, forcing some groups to curtail their charity work.
The head of one nonprofit said two FBI agents specializing in white collar crime interviewed her in April about the International Humanities Center, and the director of another said she has been asked to meet with agents this month.
The state attorney general's office is also probing the Humanities Center's handling of donations.

Comment....There are all kinds of greedy Bastards in this world...

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