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Saturday, May 26, 2012

"OMG, Another Don't LIke"

Television is still banned in my house. Just kidding, its really about choices and choosing and I choose not to be brainwashed…Its not banned and if I have company they can watch anything they want. We usually end up watching commercial free movies on the internet. However I do miss certain things…Once you stop doing something habit forming you also miss the good things, if there are any good things about the habit. When I watched morning television the only good things were watching my favorite weather girl Stephanie Abrams on the Weather channel and as far as I am concerned the most famous traffic girl in this area Teresa LaBarbera from New Haven 8. My favorite news girl was Heather Hegedus but she moved from Channel 3 in Hartford to Boston. I felt bad about that. I looked forward to seeing these ladies. These three woman are not only gorgeous but they have brains and are good at what they do. What I don’t like is and you knew there would be a, “Don’t like“ didn’t you? The television stations and networks exploit their sexuality to attract viewers, mostly guys, who will ultimately watch commercials and spend money. I mean what normal guy doesn’t like to see an attractive woman?  If you think about that, there isn’t really anything wrong with that. Well, along with the good guys that watch and there are a few, come the perverts and scumbags that make rude comments. Their insults and dirty words are usually made on Facebook or other social media where you can be a so-called follower or fan of these woman. I often wonder why these beautiful woman would subject themselves to this scrutiny and I feel embarrassed for them. I think the bottom-feeders that say these things had parents who brought them up in a sewer and taught them to roam the playgrounds and hallways in High Schools, if they made that far, as bullies. I wonder what Mom and Dad think when they read some of the things written about their daughters. Enough said. Its very discouraging to see how much our morality has degraded just to sell something and make money…

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