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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"We All Know What Is wrong"

 Surprise! Here I am again. I know my appearances here ( My Live Journal web page)  are far and in-between but I have been very busy of late..The computer issues for one..This thing works great now. Better than new. I'm deleting things as I see them. Very rarely do I save anything. Download time for a 45 minute TV show is 7 minutes...It even streams now, almost no reason to download anything. Still not watching TV. The music continues. Yes, I know it does get a little boring but then I put on the weather with music and no ads. The result is, my thinking process is much better now. I will not poison my mind with the insanity out there. I now get all my news from the internet. My choice of updates, in my time, when I want them with no ads or commercials. My old home town of Windsor Locks Connecticut is now suffering from the insanity of our TV and U Tube society. The kids are doing things that are putting the damper on their future with their behavior in schools and using drugs. It must be bad because the teachers are begging for help on their homepage and in the local paper. We all know what's wrong, don't we? My blog is doing very well as of late and I'm proud of that. I'm starting to feel responsible and need to post twice a day. I have 18,199 pages views. I think I have found my nitch in life. The only sad news is that a friend that I've had for years unfriended me on Live Journal. I sent her a note asking why? Still no answer. She kept me as a friend on Facebook and deleted me here? Go figure..I don't know...I still love her..Shes a great kid and a great writer. She has a bright future ahead of her...Good luck Erin, go in peace....

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