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Monday, May 21, 2012

“Unofficial Poll”

I have just seen an unofficial poll on who you would vote for in the next Presidential election and it seems as though, believe it or not the existing President was the winner…Although I think it is a long shot. It is a possibility, which tells me its time for me to predict what will happen if he is reelected. First, if the thought of him being elected again doesn’t scare you to death, something is wrong with you. If you can’t see or don’t know what is going on in this country now, you deserve a guy like this. He tearing the fabric of this Nation to shreds…Second, if you are under 30, do what you want because you weren’t here when living in the United States meant something special. I can’t blame you because you don’t know any better. I accept the fact that things change with time but now things are changing much too fast. We never have a chance to enjoy what we have. This is what has been going on, lets say in the past 12 years…With Bush and this guy as Presidents, the United States is Trillions of dollars in debt. We will never recover from that debt and all the foreign aid money we give away. We have wars in the worst places in the world costing Billions of dollars. Not to mention the cost of the lives of our young men and woman both mentality and physically, If you are young you don’t remember North Korea and North Vietnam and the peace talks our Government had with those countries. Our goal at that time was a peaceful world…Now, with this President, there are never any talks about peace and tranquility, only about the economy and making money. In his America, Greed is encouraged. We live in a country where a career is a job in a fast food restaurant or in a super market stocking shelves. I cant imagine doing that for thirty years…On Wall street anything goes and the way the shyster lawyers have twisted the words of the Constitution to make loop holes for politicians taking donation money is outrageous. They are all devious and corrupt. There is not an honest Politian out there. You can’t trust any of them. With the existing President we have economic and job problems and he thinks we have to pay for everything including bail outs and all the foreigners and illegal aliens. There has never been so many people on welfare. Everywhere we go we are watched with security cameras and practically stripped searched and assaulted at airports. He’s allowed the Arabs and the oil companies to rape the American public at the gas pump. I said I was going to predict what will happen if he is reelected. Well, I changed my mind. Think about this and you figure it out for yourself. In the first four years he had to lay low and be really careful what he did. Well, If you think things are bad now, think about what will happen if he is reelected for a second term when he has nothing to lose.  

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