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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Is It Just Me"

  Is it just me or are more people limping these days? It could me but it seems like people who are around 45 or 50 have canes or they are walking very slowly limping? Do more people have canes? Does anyone else notice that? I don't know but it sure looks that way. I heard this before and I just started to notice that there are a lot of overweight people people out there...Another thing I notice is that the market parking lots are not as full. Even on Saturdays its easy to find a good place to park.  Gee, I wonder why that is?
  In my travels I use Interstate 95 from around Guilford or Madison Connecticut to Groton Connecticut. As I mentioned in a past post there seems to be no speed limit. The posted limit is 55-65. Well, as of the last week or so its worse than it ever was. Again, I do 65-70 and some morons tail gate me or pass me out going what has to be 100 miles an hour...I don't remember when I've seen anyone pulled over by a State Cop. When I talked to that State Cop a few weeks ago he told me, "They don't stop anybody unless they are driving erratically". It must true and I have never seen anything like this.
  On the TV issue and I swear I did not prompt him...I was talking to someone yesterday who still watches TV but was visibly upset because of the drug commercials. He said, "first they try to sell you a drug glorifying the things that it does then they tell you in a low voice a whole litany of the side affects". He started using swear words to describe the beer commercials and then he started talking about the upcoming election political ads from all those corrupt politicians and on and on. He sounded like me. I don't think it will be much longer before he realizes that all you have to is turn off the TV and leave it off. He just lost his job and had to sell his truck. I feel bad for him. He's about to embark on the long journey of unemployment. More later as things develop but meanwhile as my Dad used to say, "Don't take any wooden nickles."

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