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Friday, May 4, 2012

"No More Computer Issues"

I fixed my computer. One week later and this time almost without any anxiety I fixed it by accident. I decided to do this at my leisure and not to worry about it..In fact I kept this, I  don't care attitude all week until .....Wait, let me start from the beginning.. The trouble started last week when I decided to relocate the computer, lets just say rearrange the living room and I did...I moved everything to the new location and reconnected everything back to the system. However, in a little while noticed that something was wrong. The speed was off, it had slowed down. First I thought it was the length of wire I used to connect it from the phone circuit on the other side of the room..Wrong, that wasn't it...Next I disconnected the electronic slimline tower deciding that it needed to be cleaned. I then took it outside to blow it out with high pressure canned air.. That quieted it down and it runs cooler now but it was still slow..Next I deleted, lets just say many old movies and useless files. I'm a saver so you can just imagine. I then spent the morning defraging and compressing. It was still slow...I then downloaded all the Windows updates I neglected to do in the past, thinking that could be the answer. It wasn't...It now was a few days later and I decided to ask someone what happened?...Many EM answers from a lot of thoughtful people arrived. Most trying to sell me one registry cleaner or another..Having a brain and a lot of experience in these things I declined. Never ever download strange things that allow someone to go into your personal files. Its like giving away the key to the vault...As I was coming home the other day I seen the phone guy in his truck so I stopped and asked him what could possibly be wrong? That is when I got my first clue...Can you guess what the problem was? No OK. He said, "It sounds like you lost your BPS speed. What ever that is? I have no idea. He then said, "How many phones are on the same circuit?" Call in the in the problem and have a technician come out to check the speed". Get it yet? No, OK. Yesterday as I was downloading an English TV series that I enjoy. It was then that I received a phone call from a friend of mine..I innocently answered the phone and at the same time I noticed the red light go on the DSL thing on my desk. OMG that told me that the phone circuit was overloaded...Right, when I disconnected the computer to move it I inadvertently connected it back the wrong way. So later that day using all new phone company connections that I could find, I reconnected it and now the speed is mind boggling. Duh...I have worked with controls and wires, both high voltage and low voltage all my life. I wasn't angry this happened...I was more embarrassed that I would do something like this...The bottom line here is the computer is cleaned out in more ways than one and it runs great now...Almost like new.

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