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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Update..."Lawyers Win Access To Casey's Address"

Lawyers Win Access To Casey's Address - Casey Anthony Extended Coverage News Story - WESH Orlando

Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez were granted the right to know where Casey Anthony is living Thursday.
At the Orange County Courthouse, the attorneys asked the judge to force Anthony to reveal her current and past addresses at a hearing.The address will be sealed to the public and only known to the attorneys. Attorneys said that safety will not be compromised."I want her in the courtroom," said Gonzalez's attorney Keith Mitnik. "This started with things she did and I don't think she should be on her back porch with her feet up in the middle of this trial. I think she should be in the same uncomfortable seats everybody else is."Gonzalez's attorneys said they need the addresses to serve her a subpoena.

Comment...I know but here it is anyway...Do you think the servers of that subpoena will be honest enough to NOT sell her address...  Let me hazard a guess? ...Wait for it....Wait for it....No and the press will be camped out at her door within a week...Wanna bet?

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