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Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Lady Gaga's Indonesian Concert Cancelled"

Lady Gaga's Indonesian Concert Cancelled

Muslim men shout slogans during a rally against US pop singer Lady Gaga's concert that is scheduled to be held on June 3, outside the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, May 25, 2012
 Promoters for American pop singer Lady Gaga said Sunday that her June 3 show in Indonesia has been cancelled after Islamic hard-liners threatened violence if she performs.

Concert promotion lawyer Minola Sebayang said that the cancellation was not only about Lady Gaga's security, but the safety of those who would be watching her.

Indonesian police had refused to issue the necessary permits unless she agreed to tone things down.  The Islamic Defender’s Front, or FPI, had threatened to deploy 30,000 members to physically prevent Lady Gaga from getting off the plane.

More than 52,000 tickets were purchased in advance, making the sold-out show her biggest in Asia.

 Comment....Wow...Talk about Muslim power..What this means is to stop violence and death she can't perform...Didn't they know this before she went there? I guess in Muslim land there is no freedom of expression...Watch out girls before you know it you will be wearing Burkas and robes Our world is getting smaller as I write this...

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