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Friday, February 10, 2012

BBC News - The FBI files of the rich and famous

BBC News - The FBI files of the rich and famous

"Bud Abbott and Lou Costello are perhaps best known for their comedy sketch Who's on First? But in the 1950s, the duo caught the FBI's attention for other reasons. "A police informant furnished information to the effect that Bud Abbott, the well-known motion picture and television star, is a collector of pornography, and alleged he has 1,500 reels of obscene motion pictures," an agent wrote in an FBI file.
Of Costello, agents reported: "Information was secured reflecting that two prostitutes put on a lewd performance for Lou Costello," for which they were paid $50 each."

Comment....Was It, "Who's on first or who's first? That was a little attempt at humor...It just proves they are watching you from somewhere...I remember Hoover being criticized because this was happening..

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