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Friday, February 10, 2012

FBI Makes "Slimeball" Wall Street Insider Trading Bust | NBC New York

FBI Makes "Slimeball" Wall Street Insider Trading Bust | NBC New York

"The FBI has arrested a Wall Street portfolio manager who allegedly bragged he was engaging in “slimeball” activity -- trading on inside information to gain nearly $1 million in illegal profits. Douglas Whitman, a California executive with Whitman Capital, is accused of illegally trading in three stocks: Marvell Technology, Polycom and Google.
“Whitman recognized the value of the information he got, and paid cash for it in one case,” said FBI New York Director Jan Fedarcyk...An official reported that Whitman’s arrest is linked to the Raj Rajaratnam hedge fund investigation".

Comment............OMG When I first read the headline I thought they arrested all the Politicians In Washington...I said to myself... What are we going to do if all our Slimeball leaders go to prison?...Then I thought what if that did happened? All those egos and empty Limos and corporate Jets. Who would those tailors sell those $5000 suits too. Barbers would be going out of business. They would have no one to give a $500 haircut. The white/gray hair dye business alone would be a disaster..Empty mansions all over the place. Washington alone would be empty. No more corporate sponsors, no more excuses, lies or empty promises. Hmmm. doesn't sound that bad, does it?

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