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Saturday, February 11, 2012

“A Pat On the Back”

    I wrote this next paragraph a while ago. I found it while deleting a few things to make room for other things. I read it and felt better. I think I just helped myself…

     Seven little words…“Calm down you will do just fine,” to me means set any obstacles aside and forge ahead to be successful in your all your endeavors, even against insurmountable odds, even when things are not to your liking. Just when things seem impossible, go the extra length and try harder to achieve honor and happiness. You can change your life dramatically by choosing to do something or not doing something, Its the pitfalls that are invisible.

   I read that and thought, Wow, who wrote that? Then I remembered that I did...I surprised myself and when I read that I felt better doing something I said…Is that what it means when someone says “What goes around comes around“? Just kidding, I remember writing that to someone who was having a tough time in school….I hope it inspired her then as it did me yesterday…..

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