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Friday, June 22, 2012

"Bar Code Amy"

I went to Wal Mart the other day to do some shopping and when I went to pay I met “Cashier Amy“… I said, “Hi Cashier Amy, how are you“ ? She replied with a cute smile, “I’m fine sir but I’m not a cashier….. I wondered why it said on her name tag “Hi my name is Amy” and right under that, the word Cashier written in black letters on a yellow background and she was working the cash register. So I asked her with my best social skills smile. I said, “Why does it say cashier on your name tag“. “Oh, sir I don’t work in the front anymore I work in the back and I just haven’t taken it off the thing yet.” She said, looking and pointing at the badge. “Oh, I said, "then how are they going to know what you do Amy?” “Are you going to have the bar code tattooed on your neck or on the inside of your arm? Wait a minute……. By now, you do probably realize I’m kidding, right. I am saying this to her and I am very serious and really trying not to smile…Meanwhile this kid is serious when she replies, “I'm not going to let them put any tattoos on me“, and in the next breath says, “Piercing I don’t mind but not tattoos“. I said, “You do know that sooner or later that’s going to happen, Wal Mart always wants to know where its employees are and what they are doing”. At this point I said, “Sooner or later they will tell you to do that“. Its either that or you won’t have a job. She seriously agreed but by now the line was getting longer. She said her obligatory, Have a nice day" and I left before I started laughing …..I believe that in the future this will happen…..I said it the other day, that there so many people in this country that we don’t know who are enemies are…The only solution is a neat little bar code or a GPS implant somewhere on your body…. They have them on dogs and cats, why not humans? It just makes sense…Cashier Amy wasn’t shocked and she actually thought I was serious. To her the idea was just one of those things that will happen sooner or later and acceptable……How do you know there isn’t some kind of locator on your body right now? A microscopic pin point that can hear and find you……Wait, there is and its called a cell phone…..Wait again, the reason the Government doesn’t care how many people there are in this country is…What’s the first thing they buy when they get to this country? A cell phone…Wow…. I could be on to something, hmmm.

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