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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I didn’t know where to begin. So I thought I would write a little about everything. First, I always wonder why I am letting the things that are happening in this country and around the world bother me so much and I don't even watch TV...Its like business as usual everywhere. Its never ending. How about the wars and the brave solders we have scattered in the most horrible places around the world? Not to mention it costing Billions of dollars a day. There are bombs going off in the streets all around the world killing hundreds. The crime and death locally are meaningless now like its too boring to report. A local drug overdose death doesn't even make the news anymore. The drunken and drug addict entertainers and wanna-be celebrities will be noticed depending who they are. A minor actor or actress or "So Called Celebrity" will maybe get a line or two in the newspaper or on TV. Reminder, these people are only people who have had a momentary light shining on them. They are the same as us. The difference between us and them is you know their name because of a TV show or a movie…I could write about morals but now that is a subject that is almost taboo, in fact that word is almost non-existent...We all know the perverts in show business wouldn't want all those young girls staying dressed modestly. Contrary to popular belief these young girls, if they are talented don't have to wear skin tight jeans or show cleavage to sell their music. How about the thousands of commercials that are all lies, scams and false promises that take advantage of people that don’t know any better. Then of coarse there are web cams everywhere that spy on you. Keep in mind that everyone today has a cell phone or pocket computer with a camera on it. Then there is the issue of the National debt. The countless corrupt lawyer politicians in Washington that have changed the laws and are bending the rules everyday making it legal to steal your tax dollars. Then of coarse there is the stock market with all the insider trading they are getting away with..Then there is the economy with the outrageous gas prices and the suffering American citizens that are going to end up paying for all the insanity going on in this country and now around the world. So as the welfare rolls get bigger and bigger and the illegals keep pouring into this country collecting all that free money. I think of how fortunate I am to have been born here in America and had parents that taught me to respect other people and how to be honest. They stuck by my side and taught me by example how to deal with what is happening around me…The way it is now I feel like I am on a never ending "Merry-Go-Round" and I just don’t know where to get off.... Maybe that's a good thing....

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