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Friday, June 1, 2012

"Casey Anthony EquuSearch Lawsuit"

Casey Anthony EquuSearch Lawsuit: Casey Anthony attorneys in court this morning in EquuSearch suit - Orlando Sentinel

EquuSearch is suing Anthony for more than $100,000 — money it says it spent to search for Caylee. The group says Anthony knew her daughter was dead, not missing, but allowed the searches to continue.
Anthony's defense argues Miller lied about key conversations he says he had with Casey about her daughter.
In July, Anthony was acquitted of killing the 2-year-old. She is currently serving probation in a check-fraud conviction. Her location is not publicly known. She faces several lawsuits in connection with her daughter's death.
Much of the latest hearing focused on whether Miller will be deposed as an individual or in his corporate role and whether the deposition will take place in Texas or Orlando, with the latter appearing more likely.

Comment....She is being sued in more ways than one...

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