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Friday, June 1, 2012

"Casey Anthony, Caylee Anthony, News, Updates"

Casey Anthony, Caylee Anthony, News, Updates - WESH 2

Comment....Seriously I know this is like beating a dead horse but this link is a moment to moment from then to now up-date on this young woman...I followed OJ from when he murdered his ex-wife and her friend and got away with it to now, in prison on an unrelated charge. Its an example of the, "what goes around comes around" theory. Will Casey suffer the same fate? After her lawyers are done bleeding her and all the law suits are settled the made for TV move is done and the books are written. Will she ever get to live a normal life what ever that may be, what will become of her? That's what I am interested in. Life is short and before you know it the end will be near. Will she take care of herself? Can she be trusted? Will she feel the guilt? We all know what really happened and she knows that.

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